Cheyenne MacMasters with guest Betsy Breault

Cheyenne MacMasters and Betsy Breault reunite for a show of their paintings at Subway Gallery after years of doing shows at the Breault’s LaChasse Gallerie in Bisbee, Arizona.

MacMasters’ current work celebrates her return to color after exploring a black and white palette.

In the Midst, Dreaming of Change, and Keeping Watch

Keeping Watch


In and Out of the Storm, Remembering the Body Suit, and Shamanic Beings. Paintings that came out of the unintended images found in the Art of Pareidolia.

Penetrating and Seed Bearer

Stepping Out, Seeker, and The Who Came Out of the Blue

On the Way to Bethlehem… Breaking of Her Waters

Lady Buddha afloat on an Ocean of Bliss

Tantrayana Lovers

Kali, and Manjuseri Rides into the Gulch on a blue Tiger and Encounters a famous Courtesan


Ms. Eve and Mister Adam

The Bumpkin and the Aristocrat, and Mother of God

Our Show

Cheyenne MacMasters’ Unexpected Adventures

and Betsy Breault’s Breaking of Her Waters

January 13th through February 5th, 2023

Subway Gallery

43 Brewery Avenue, Bisbee, Arizona

Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays

We’ll keep a lookout for you.

Monsoon Madness

Come on in

In and Out of the Storm by Cheyenne MacMasters
Pixelated by Steve Bovée
Sonoran Yearning #3 by Monte Surratt
Naco Rain by Paul Bovée
Portal Mist by Janice Sanders
Ceramics by Margo Macartney
Photographs by Carole Beauchamp
Crane Variations One Whitewater Draw by Mary Ann Hanson-Germond

Monsoon Madness


Subway Gallery

43 Brewery Avenue

Bisbee, Arizona

Fridays Saturdays Sundays

Safford Peak, From the West by Monte Surratt

We save the Madness for your visits.