Introducing Subway Gallery

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Located in the artist’s oasis of Bisbee, Arizona, our current show is by the

Rock’em Sock’em brothers:

Paul and Steve Bovée

ghosttrees_(c)sboveeGhost Trees by Steve Bovée

drinkanddrawsnooze_(c)pboveeDrink and Draw: Snooze by Paul Bovée

watercolors_oil_sidestreet_(c)pboveeWatercolors and oil by Paul Bovée


Trio of Paintings by Steve Bovée

gatheringstorm_(c)pboveeGathering Storm by Paul Bovée

agave_house_(c)steveboveeAgave House by Steve Bovée

(c)paulandsteveboveeInner and outer worlds of the brother painters.


Steve saying farewell to a sold painting…