Monte Surratt and Pamela Blunt



Monte Surratt’s recent paintings and mixed media are now showing at Subway Gallery along with his guest artist, Pamela Blunt.



Bahia de Navidad, Isla Roja, Mexico, by Monte Surratt


Desert Chasm, by Monte Surratt

Untitled_(c)_Pamela_BluntUntitled, by Pamela Blunt


Cochise Landscape, and Ghost Tree by Monte Surratt


Not to Worry, We’re in Charge, and  What more can be said? by Monte Surratt


Lifecycle by Pamela Blunt

This is a gorgeous show of rich colors that the photographs don’t do justice.  You’ll have to come and experience the vibrancy yourself. The show is up until the second week of March 2019.

Subway Gallery in Bisbee, Arizona

Thursday through Sunday, 11:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.